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The Latest: The Best Games and Movies in 2017

It’s no secret that the video game industry is growing at an alarming rate, but how quickly that growth can be matched by the video games themselves can be hard to determine.That’s why it’s important to take a look at the current state of the video gaming industry and how it compares to the rest […]

The medieval illumination of the frescoes in the Illuminations of Fremont and Medinan is more than just a museum attraction

With the world watching, an exhibition of paintings from the medieval period at the Museum of Fine Arts Fremont is showing its true colours.Key points:Illuminations were painted by the medieval artisans in order to provide a visual feastThe fresco was originally commissioned by a local resident of Fremonst, a medieval town in the Flemish AlpsIn […]

Investing in Illuminated Trees for Sustainable Living: The Future of the Illuminant

Investors in illuminated trees have long been a staple in Australia’s forestry industry.In the past, these trees have been used as fuel, a building material, as a source of power and a carbon sink.Now, the industry is looking at using them as the fuel source for sustainable energy.Illuminating trees, also known as ‘light trees’, emit […]

Unexpected book finds its way into the hands of U.S. scientists

United Illuminating Company, a Massachusetts-based firm that creates solar-powered lamps for businesses and government agencies, has published an intriguing manuscript definition of the word “illumination.”It comes from an anonymous author who is describing a book she has written.The book, titled “A New Definition of Illumination,” was originally published by the nonprofit organization SolarLight, but now […]

Which countries have the most “illuminati-friendly” laws?

“Illumina” news quotes from “The Five” interview with Arianna Huffington: “In the US, we have a lot of laws that are anti-illumina.And it’s actually a good thing.Because there are a lot more people, a lot better protections for people that live in those communities, because of what’s happened.“That’s really unfortunate.” ““Illustration by Sam Woolley” “The […]

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