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How to enable Windows Hello using Microsoft’s new mobile operating system – version 10

In Windows 10, developers can now access the Windows Hello feature through a mobile app.That’s great news for Windows users who rely on mobile apps for security and privacy reasons.However, for those who need a more secure version of Windows 10 with better security features, it’s not clear how well Windows Hello will work.Microsoft has […]

Real Madrid v Atletico Madrid: Madrid lose 2-1 in Madrid

Real Madrid have beaten Atletico at the Bernabeu to extend their unbeaten run at the Santiago Bernabeuel to seven games.After the visitors took the lead in the 11th minute, they held out until the 72nd minute as they were denied a first-half penalty by an offside flag.But Cristiano Ronaldo levelled when he scored a fine […]

The moonlit Disney World theme park has been illuminated with light, as Disney has released a new animated feature

Google News article Google is the latest company to release a new feature in the form of a Disney animated movie.The theme park company released the new animated film The Illuminations on Sunday, as part of a global holiday that includes the moonlight.The film is based on the book of the same name by George […]

When a team of scientists creates a beautiful and colorful lamp, it will probably be worth more than the real thing

By Polygon staffA little over a year ago, a team led by researchers from Harvard University developed a new lamp that can be illuminated by the heat of its light.The project was called Illuminate Coffee, and it was an exciting experiment to see if the lamp could be made from organic materials.This week, Illuminate announced […]

Ars Technic’s Pixel War: The best games in 2018

With Pixel War, you can play a game with a new game mode, different art style, and different settings, all in real-time.If you’ve never tried it before, it’s a pretty good way to spend a night in the office.And if you’ve ever tried playing Pixel War with your friends, you’ll love it.Pixel War’s been in […]

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