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‘Illuminate Christmas’ to spark holiday-themed lighting this year

Lights and Christmas decorations will be illuminated for the holidays in the New England state of New Hampshire this year, as the state celebrates its first year of statewide Christmas lighting.The New Hampshire Department of Energy and Environmental Protection says the state’s first Christmas light show, set to start on Dec. 1, will be the […]

What Is Illuminated Scripture Journal?

In the last year or so, the topic of illuminated scripture journals has gained much attention in the Christian literature community.While this has brought much of the attention to this topic, many of the more mainstream commentators have been critical of the journal’s approach.Many have pointed out that this is not a reliable method for […]

How to make sure your 2017 Ford Mustang has an illuminated front tire

Ford has released a video explaining how to lighten up the look of its 2017 Mustang and get your tires illuminated.The video, called ‘The Road to Illumination’ and posted to Ford’s YouTube channel, goes through the steps to illuminate your 2017 Mustang front and rear tires.Ford also showed the video at the 2016 Toronto International […]

When will the Stars unveil their new logo?

By Mike MorrealePosted May 07, 2018 06:11PMThe Dallas Stars are ready to unveil their official NHL logo, but don’t expect the new logo to be a giant neon-colored LED field of lights.While the Stars were on the ice during the opening night of training camp on Tuesday, they didn’t unveil the new branding.Instead, they held […]

How to change your default subreddit color, using the new subreddit color selector

circle of light,lights,sans source Reddit title You can now customize the subreddit color in Circle of Light, Lights, Sans article circleoflight,lightssource Reddit title Circle of Lights is now a fully featured color picker article circleOfLight,lightsSource Reddit title How you can customize the color of Circle of lights in CircleOfLight article circlesource reddit title CircleOf Light […]

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