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‘The First Amendment Is Not Free Speech’ – Donald Trump, FBI, ACLU on #MeToo

On Friday, The Donald Trump Justice Department and the FBI are expected to unveil a major court decision in the landmark #MeInauguration case.#MeItAll pic.twitter.com/Kmf4r8mZhG— Fox News (@FoxNews) February 11, 2019But this case has long been a lightning rod for a number of conservatives who argue that the First Amendment should not be used to silence […]

Why I got a $200,000 Cadillac, a $700,000 Rolls Royce, and a $3.6 million Corvette.

A Cadillac, for instance, can be had for just $400,000, a Rolls Royces for $900,000 and a Corvette for $3,000.The price tag for the new $2.7 million $60,000 CTS-V is about $2,000 more than the previous generation, which cost $7,500.The CTS is a four-door sedan with a power-packed engine, while the C7 is the sportier […]

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