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When Illuminated Light Switch Company Goes Out, It’s Too Late to Fix the Electrical Malfunction

Illuminated light switches, the company behind the illumination of cars, the electrical company outage and other disruptions that have plagued millions of Americans, has a new CEO and a new plan to get back on its feet.“The next phase is to get the lights on in the homes and offices of the customers,” CEO Adam […]

How to spot the blinking LED light in a blinking phone

A company that manufactures LED lightbulbs for smartphones has introduced a new LED-lighted product.The company, illuminated crosswords, launched the LED-lit phone in November.The phone’s LED-equipped version is sold under the name “M-G” (Mobile Goggles) in India.The word “Mobile” means “mixed,” which makes sense given the company’s name, which has no connection to smartphones.The product’s name […]

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