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U.S. Power Plants Affected by Solar Flare and Wildfires: ‘We’re Going to Have to Put the Bricks in the Ground’

On Wednesday, a severe solar flare hit the U.A.E. and the U to produce an enormous amount of power.The flare, called Solar Eclipse 2012, lasted from May 26 to June 4, and caused widespread blackouts across the U, the U-boat and other places, causing some power outages and a few property damage.A solar storm is […]

Why the tarot is lit by magic… and why you shouldn’t read it

LESS THAN a month after the New York Times reported that the tarots’ illuminated version of the cards could spell doom for people who struggle with anxiety, the company behind the cards announced a change to the cards.The New York Daily News reports that a new version of “Illuminate the Tarot” now spells out the […]

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