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What Is Illuminated Scripture Journal?

In the last year or so, the topic of illuminated scripture journals has gained much attention in the Christian literature community.While this has brought much of the attention to this topic, many of the more mainstream commentators have been critical of the journal’s approach.Many have pointed out that this is not a reliable method for […]

Shrewd Canadian business to ban display of white ‘illumination’ devices

CERTIFIED OFFICE OF THE CRIMINALIZATION COMMISSION ON VICTIMS OF CRIME AND VIOLENCE, B.C. (Reuters) – A Vancouver business owner is banning the sale of its illuminators amid a rising demand for a more personal touch, a move that could make the lights even more popular for many consumers.“It’s a trend we’re going to see in […]

How to make sure your 2017 Ford Mustang has an illuminated front tire

Ford has released a video explaining how to lighten up the look of its 2017 Mustang and get your tires illuminated.The video, called ‘The Road to Illumination’ and posted to Ford’s YouTube channel, goes through the steps to illuminate your 2017 Mustang front and rear tires.Ford also showed the video at the 2016 Toronto International […]

How to fix the US’s $1.5 trillion IT crisis

What we know about the nation’s IT infrastructure: 1.1 million employees lost their jobs last year.2.1 percent of those lost jobs are in the data center.3.1% of the entire data center workforce is non-technical.4.6 percent of the nation has a data center with less than $1 billion in revenue.5.5 percent of data centers are less […]

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