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Unexpected book finds its way into the hands of U.S. scientists

United Illuminating Company, a Massachusetts-based firm that creates solar-powered lamps for businesses and government agencies, has published an intriguing manuscript definition of the word “illumination.”It comes from an anonymous author who is describing a book she has written.The book, titled “A New Definition of Illumination,” was originally published by the nonprofit organization SolarLight, but now […]

What are the terms “nars orgasm” and “illumination” meaning?

Illuminator Definition nars,nars,the term for the orgasm that comes after ejaculation.Illuminators,illuminators are often used to describe a sexual sensation that comes as a result of the orgasm.Illumination means the feeling of light or brilliance.Illumination can come from a physical stimulation of the genitals, a sense of touch, or even a feeling of warmth or pleasure […]

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