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Illuminate rue de Luxe 2018 – The Illuminate Bible of Luxe

Illuminate Rue de LUXE 2018 is the year’s first Illuminate event.Illuminate’s vision is to reimagine the interior of a hotel, with a focus on modern technology and the latest in lighting and sound technology.The project, which will be held on the 20th anniversary of the hotel’s original opening, will be open to the public for […]

When The Wall St. Journal ‘Illuminates’ A Billion-Dollar Brand

The Wall, March 1, 2018: This year, the world’s most influential newspaper has a major new project in the works: an illuminating primer and moisturizer.The Wall, which began its 25th anniversary this year, is turning its spotlight on the company behind Disney’s Illuminations brand, a $200 billion business that sells cosmetics, personal care, nail polish, […]

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