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When a team of scientists creates a beautiful and colorful lamp, it will probably be worth more than the real thing

By Polygon staffA little over a year ago, a team led by researchers from Harvard University developed a new lamp that can be illuminated by the heat of its light.The project was called Illuminate Coffee, and it was an exciting experiment to see if the lamp could be made from organic materials.This week, Illuminate announced […]

‘Epcot Illuminates’ company to buy ‘Illuminate Clothing’ for $2.3M

Epcot is buying Illuminate Clothing, the company behind the popular illuminator clothing, for $1.6 billion, The Wall Street Journal reported on Friday.The deal would expand Illuminate’s apparel offerings to include a line of clothing for children and adults, and a line that includes clothing for weddings.The purchase price reflects an expected value of $2,315 per […]

How to spot a stock that’s overvalued

In an age of rising interest rates and the “fiscal cliff” that threatens to cut spending and unemployment, investors should keep an eye on the outlook for stocks that are priced in a “high-risk” way.If they’re too high, they’re overvalued.And if they’re just a bit too high?That’s when they should be watched.Here’s what you need […]

When Nintendo Light-Up Games, Not Light-Shifted Books, Will Be The Best Way To Play Mario

When Mario, Zelda and more are revealed, we’ll be able to pick out the exact books and games we want to play.When that happens, we won’t have to worry about the light reflecting off of Nintendo products, and that will make for a better gaming experience.We’ll also have a much more intuitive interface to play […]

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