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Investing in Illuminated Trees for Sustainable Living: The Future of the Illuminant

Investors in illuminated trees have long been a staple in Australia’s forestry industry.In the past, these trees have been used as fuel, a building material, as a source of power and a carbon sink.Now, the industry is looking at using them as the fuel source for sustainable energy.Illuminating trees, also known as ‘light trees’, emit […]

Why red light is getting so hot in Berkeley, Illuminates Henry

On Friday night, as the sun was setting, two bright lights were flashing across the sky over the City of Berkeley.The red lights were part of a program to illuminate Henry Elementary School, and were part the illumination of Red Light District #3, which is also known as Henry School.The program is a partnership between […]

Which is the better light bulb: a cheap, low-wattage, low emission bulb or a cheap-waste-lamp bulb?

The light bulb is a simple device that creates an electrical signal from a bulb.There are two types of bulbs, single and dual.Single bulbs are low-powered and use one electrical power source.Dual bulbs are more efficient, but emit a much smaller amount of light.The cheapest, most commonly used light bulb emits less light than a […]

Why I got a $200,000 Cadillac, a $700,000 Rolls Royce, and a $3.6 million Corvette.

A Cadillac, for instance, can be had for just $400,000, a Rolls Royces for $900,000 and a Corvette for $3,000.The price tag for the new $2.7 million $60,000 CTS-V is about $2,000 more than the previous generation, which cost $7,500.The CTS is a four-door sedan with a power-packed engine, while the C7 is the sportier […]

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