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What Is Illuminated Scripture Journal?

In the last year or so, the topic of illuminated scripture journals has gained much attention in the Christian literature community.While this has brought much of the attention to this topic, many of the more mainstream commentators have been critical of the journal’s approach.Many have pointed out that this is not a reliable method for […]

How Illumina’s Genome Sequencing Is Changing the Way We See and Know the World

The world’s most powerful genome sequencing platform, Illumina, has unveiled the world’s largest and most sophisticated sequencing facility for high-throughput, low-cost, single-cell testing of human cells.The Illumina-led lab has sequenced more than 10,000 cells from more than 500 patients in 10 labs around the world.Illumina announced the results of the Illumina Genome Science and Engineering […]

Which is the better light bulb: a cheap, low-wattage, low emission bulb or a cheap-waste-lamp bulb?

The light bulb is a simple device that creates an electrical signal from a bulb.There are two types of bulbs, single and dual.Single bulbs are low-powered and use one electrical power source.Dual bulbs are more efficient, but emit a much smaller amount of light.The cheapest, most commonly used light bulb emits less light than a […]

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