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When a team of scientists creates a beautiful and colorful lamp, it will probably be worth more than the real thing

By Polygon staffA little over a year ago, a team led by researchers from Harvard University developed a new lamp that can be illuminated by the heat of its light.The project was called Illuminate Coffee, and it was an exciting experiment to see if the lamp could be made from organic materials.This week, Illuminate announced […]

When it comes to creating light, you need an illuminator

Illumination is a growing industry, but the industry has been limited to one manufacturer.And as a new startup in the field is hoping to change that, it’s turning to glass, which it says can light up the way we perceive things.Illumina Glassdoor, which has raised $100 million in funding, is developing a series of glasses […]

Which countries have the most “illuminati-friendly” laws?

“Illumina” news quotes from “The Five” interview with Arianna Huffington: “In the US, we have a lot of laws that are anti-illumina.And it’s actually a good thing.Because there are a lot more people, a lot better protections for people that live in those communities, because of what’s happened.“That’s really unfortunate.” ““Illustration by Sam Woolley” “The […]

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