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How to make an Illumina genome sequence from scratch

A new study by a team of researchers has found how to make a complete Illumina genomic sequence from the genome of a single organism.The study, published in Science Advances, uses the genome sequencing technology of Illumina BioNovo to make the first complete Illuminio genome sequence.“We’ve found a way to make any Illumina sequence from […]

“Medicare: ‘Too Close to Home’ for Americans with Pre-existing Conditions”

The National Review published a story last week titled “Medicaid: ‘Unlimited’ for Patients with Prevencies” that suggests that Medicare is “too close to home” to treat patients with pre-existing conditions.“Medicine is too expensive for many Americans to go on a long-term care insurance plan, and some people can’t afford it, even with high-deductible plans,” the […]

When Apple finally lets you switch on your iPad with your phone

Apple has just announced a new set of software enhancements for its wireless-displayed iPad that make it easier to use the device on the go.The company said that, in a bid to “make wireless more ubiquitous, more convenient, and more enjoyable,” it will begin to let iPad users switch on their devices by just saying, […]

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