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The medieval illumination of the frescoes in the Illuminations of Fremont and Medinan is more than just a museum attraction

With the world watching, an exhibition of paintings from the medieval period at the Museum of Fine Arts Fremont is showing its true colours.Key points:Illuminations were painted by the medieval artisans in order to provide a visual feastThe fresco was originally commissioned by a local resident of Fremonst, a medieval town in the Flemish AlpsIn […]

Investing in Illuminated Trees for Sustainable Living: The Future of the Illuminant

Investors in illuminated trees have long been a staple in Australia’s forestry industry.In the past, these trees have been used as fuel, a building material, as a source of power and a carbon sink.Now, the industry is looking at using them as the fuel source for sustainable energy.Illuminating trees, also known as ‘light trees’, emit […]

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