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How to make an Illumina genome sequence from scratch

A new study by a team of researchers has found how to make a complete Illumina genomic sequence from the genome of a single organism.The study, published in Science Advances, uses the genome sequencing technology of Illumina BioNovo to make the first complete Illuminio genome sequence.“We’ve found a way to make any Illumina sequence from […]

How Illumina’s Genome Sequencing Is Changing the Way We See and Know the World

The world’s most powerful genome sequencing platform, Illumina, has unveiled the world’s largest and most sophisticated sequencing facility for high-throughput, low-cost, single-cell testing of human cells.The Illumina-led lab has sequenced more than 10,000 cells from more than 500 patients in 10 labs around the world.Illumina announced the results of the Illumina Genome Science and Engineering […]

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