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When do we get to a point where we can safely use a natural product as an ingredient?

MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell joined “The Rachel Maddow Show” to discuss the possible use of plant based foods as an additive to a vaccine.Mitchell said that she is concerned about the possibility of “foods like soy, coconut, palm oil, avocado, grapes, grapeseed, grapes and olive oil, all of which have these very important health benefits” being […]

How to use gelglow to enhance the look of your skin

The look of skin is one of the most important parts of your appearance.A well-formed, healthy, and hydrated complexion is an ideal foundation for any woman’s look.The beauty of the skin comes from the combination of moisture and nutrients, as well as vitamins and minerals that have been absorbed through the skin.However, many of us […]

How to Make Botanica Illuminations

The botanical plant of inspiration, Botanina, is one of the many native plants and flowers that have helped shape the world around us.We’ve come to rely on it for our health, our prosperity, our creativity, and our way of life.Today, we’ve come across another of its products: a botanical fragrance called Illuminate Rued.It smells of […]

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