Month: August 2021

‘Illuminate Christmas’ to spark holiday-themed lighting this year

Lights and Christmas decorations will be illuminated for the holidays in the New England state of New Hampshire this year, as the state celebrates its first year of statewide Christmas lighting.The New Hampshire Department of Energy and Environmental Protection says the state’s first Christmas light show, set to start on Dec. 1, will be the […]

What Is Illuminated Scripture Journal?

In the last year or so, the topic of illuminated scripture journals has gained much attention in the Christian literature community.While this has brought much of the attention to this topic, many of the more mainstream commentators have been critical of the journal’s approach.Many have pointed out that this is not a reliable method for […]

An artist’s impression of the world in 2022, according to the 2020 census

The census data, released Thursday by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, is one of the most comprehensive, up-to-date records of America’s population.The data shows that the nation’s population increased from 5.8 million to 6.2 million in 2020, the most recent year for which census figures are available.The census is based on an extensive nationwide survey […]

The medieval illumination of the frescoes in the Illuminations of Fremont and Medinan is more than just a museum attraction

With the world watching, an exhibition of paintings from the medieval period at the Museum of Fine Arts Fremont is showing its true colours.Key points:Illuminations were painted by the medieval artisans in order to provide a visual feastThe fresco was originally commissioned by a local resident of Fremonst, a medieval town in the Flemish AlpsIn […]

Shrewd Canadian business to ban display of white ‘illumination’ devices

CERTIFIED OFFICE OF THE CRIMINALIZATION COMMISSION ON VICTIMS OF CRIME AND VIOLENCE, B.C. (Reuters) – A Vancouver business owner is banning the sale of its illuminators amid a rising demand for a more personal touch, a move that could make the lights even more popular for many consumers.“It’s a trend we’re going to see in […]

Ars Technic’s Pixel War: The best games in 2018

With Pixel War, you can play a game with a new game mode, different art style, and different settings, all in real-time.If you’ve never tried it before, it’s a pretty good way to spend a night in the office.And if you’ve ever tried playing Pixel War with your friends, you’ll love it.Pixel War’s been in […]

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