What we know about Christmas lights from new film

The new documentary “Illuminator: The Lights That Changed the World” will show a look inside the company that produces the Christmas lights and its impact on the world.

The film, which premiered in theaters on Thursday, features interviews with former executives, suppliers, distributors and others involved in the industry.

It is the first film to explore the company’s legacy.

The film is a blend of interviews, documents, and footage from several different documentaries that the company produced over the years.

The filmmakers wanted to see firsthand the stories of the people who worked at Illuminating, including many who left to start their own companies.

The film includes interviews with employees and former Illuminating employees, including former President, Michael G. Fazio.

Illuminating’s founder, Michael J. Dolan, was the director of the company for the last 15 years.

Dolan said the film is intended to show the true story of the world’s biggest light bulb maker, but he said it is not the only reason to visit the company.

The story is important because Illuminating is in a position where it has a long way to go, he said.

The company still has a lot of challenges, but it is a long path to success.

In addition to the film, Illuminating will release two books about its history, a book about its legacy, and a book that focuses on Illuminating.

The Illuminating books are due to be released in November.

For more about Christmas, see the December issue of The Washington Post.

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