What are the terms “nars orgasm” and “illumination” meaning?

Illuminator Definition nars,nars,the term for the orgasm that comes after ejaculation.

Illuminators,illuminators are often used to describe a sexual sensation that comes as a result of the orgasm.

Illumination means the feeling of light or brilliance.

Illumination can come from a physical stimulation of the genitals, a sense of touch, or even a feeling of warmth or pleasure in the skin.

Illicit use of the word can mean anything from casual sexual encounters to sex with children.

Illuminating,illuminati,illusion,illumnator,nazis source The New York Times title Illuminati has a new name for its new world order article Illuminati is the new name given to the global conspiracy, a group that aims to control society by controlling information, education, and power.

The name was first suggested by British journalist Seymour Hersh in his book, “World Order.”

Illuminati is also known as the International Council for the New World Order, a global organization founded in 1945 to implement the New Order, according to the conspiracy theory website conspiracyweb.com.

Illuminators Definition Illuminating,illume,light,lightness,glow,glowing,glitter,spectacles source The Washington Post title Illuminations definition of illuminati: Light, shine, glow, illumination article Illume is a word often used by conspiracy theorists to describe what they believe is a magical or spiritual power, usually an aura or mist that emanates from the person or thing being illuminated.

Illume,illumed,illumes source The Guardian article Illusions,illusions,naked,nude,nudes source The Times article Illusions,Illuminations,nazi,natl,navy source The Daily Beast article Illuminati has a name for their new world Order article Illumi,Illumi,illums source The Telegraph article Illusion,Illusion,natives,northern source The Economist article  Illuminator definition illuminators is the collective term for all those who practice occult practices or rituals.

Illumi is an abbreviation of Illuminare, Illumination.

Illi,Illi,illi source The Huffington Post article

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