Why red light is getting so hot in Berkeley, Illuminates Henry

On Friday night, as the sun was setting, two bright lights were flashing across the sky over the City of Berkeley.

The red lights were part of a program to illuminate Henry Elementary School, and were part the illumination of Red Light District #3, which is also known as Henry School.

The program is a partnership between Berkeley High School and Henry High School.

The program was a great way to celebrate the upcoming Lunar New Year and bring attention to the important work being done in educating children about the importance of safe and responsible outdoor lighting.

“Red light is one of the most harmful and most overlooked hazards in our cities, especially in places like Berkeley where the sun is shining so bright,” said Mark Regehr, Executive Director of Berkeley’s Red Light Enforcement and Safety Team.

“These lights have to be used wisely, and if they’re not, they’re a big problem.”

This program will be in place until the new year, Regeh said.

The City of California has the power to enforce its red light laws.

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