How to use the illuminator with a webcam

The Illuminator is a webcam and LED lightbulb which can be used to create a simple light show in your home or office.

It uses a webcam to provide a bright light source, and the LED lights on the back allow for a continuous stream of color.

It is a little bit like having a webcam with a built-in camera.

Here are the key differences: You can control the light source.

You can set it to a preset mode.

You don’t need to set the bulb to any specific brightness.

The light source can be turned on or off.

The bulbs themselves come in various shapes and colours, but they have a built in LED that is bright enough to see through.

The illuminators are very light-weight.

The cost of the camera mount is very reasonable.

They’re available at Amazon for $199.00.

There are also a number of other webcam accessories available for your home.

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