Illumina to introduce ‘Coolpad’ smart controller for coolpad powered by NVIDIA

Illumina, the leader in immersive computing technology and a pioneer in the field of augmented reality, is introducing a new virtual reality-inspired controller that can be controlled by a single eye by using a single pair of glasses.

The Coolpad will be available in a “Coolpad 2” variant that will work with the NVIDIA VRWorks and Oculus VR headsets.

The “CoolPad 2” will be more powerful and will allow for a better overall experience, with a higher resolution and greater frame rate.

The cooler Coolpad 2 will also have a more advanced display, which Illumina says will improve the comfort of the wearer’s eyes.

The new Coolpad uses a combination of a single light sensor and a “dynamic display” that can respond to a user’s movement, allowing for greater eye tracking capability.

The Coolpad’s display will be “sensor-free,” so there will be no need for an external light sensor.

Illumina’s first Coolpad, the Coolpad 1, is available for $299.

The company has a few other devices that it’s working on, including a VR headset and a touchpad controller.

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