Light show and music for Kohler Illumination’s new musical: Light up the Night

The Kohler lighting system has been in the works for several years, and the company has a new lighting design in the pipeline.

“I think we’re going to have a lighting system that is pretty much the same that we’ve had for a while now,” said Kohler senior lighting designer Dan Koehlman.

“That’s a light show system, and we’ve been using that for a long time.”

And we’re starting to take a look at the next generation of technology and what we can do with it.

“That’s why Kohler recently announced the Illumination Musd, a light-up instrument.

Musd is the first Kohler instrument that can emit light from a distance.

That’s because it’s designed to emit light in the visible light range, a range that is currently limited by the Kohler-designed system.”

We have a lot of instruments in the future that are going to be capable of this kind of light,” said Koehrman.

The Illumination musd uses two LEDs to produce the light.

It can emit at up to three times its wavelength, meaning it can be lit up to 100 times, while the Kohlers other instruments emit light that’s less than that.”

This instrument is going to look like a flashlight, it’s going to show up and you’re going on it,” said David Kohler, president and CEO of Kohler.”

It’s going down the road of lighting up the night.

We’re going into the future and the light is going off.

And that’s what we’re building.

“The new lighting system will be ready for the new season of Kohlers’ music program, which begins this fall.

It will be the first of two Kohler Musd instruments, which will be powered by one of the company’s new low-voltage batteries.”

Our goal is to be the world leader in this industry and we want to be there in the long run,” said Dan Koglman.

Kohler Musds will be in a “full-spectrum” production facility, which means it will be able to deliver its instrument at a high rate of performance and performance quality.”

The Kohler Lighting System is the world’s first light-powered musical instrument,” said Daniel Kohler in a statement.”

Its performance is going far beyond the limitations of the Kohlins lighting system, which is limited to the visible and the near infrared light.

Kohler Music and Kohler Instruments have been the leading innovators in light-based systems for many years, but now we’re launching the next wave of light- and sound-driven musical instruments.

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