How to Make Botanica Illuminations

The botanical plant of inspiration, Botanina, is one of the many native plants and flowers that have helped shape the world around us.

We’ve come to rely on it for our health, our prosperity, our creativity, and our way of life.

Today, we’ve come across another of its products: a botanical fragrance called Illuminate Rued.

It smells of a fragrant tea, and it’s a very nice one at that.

Illuminate is a fragrances blend that contains the botanical compound oleoresin capsicum, or OCC, a chemical found in oleuropean shrubs, including lavender, lavender oil, and lavender essential oil.

Its active ingredient is oleoreth-9, which is a chemical compound that is found in plants that are related to the botanist Artemisia annua, the creator of OCC.

OCC is responsible for many of the aromatic notes found in botanicals, including: lavender (lavender essential)

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