What’s new in the next two weeks?

On Tuesday, Nars announced that it will be launching an online “nars-powered” night out in Chicago, with a $5,000 goal.

The new $25,000 campaign will also offer “a free night of drinks, snacks and drinks for the whole family” with the help of a “narl-powered nars glow.”

The campaign will run from December 9 to January 3.

“We hope that Nars Night Out will be the next big social media experiment for the Chicago-based brand,” the company wrote on the campaign’s Facebook page.

“The night will be a night of fun, entertainment and innovation.”

Nars is one of the most recognizable brands in the world, having sold more than 8 million products in 2016 alone.

It is also an iconic brand, with an impressive track record in both product launches and the launch of its own line of products in 2017.

In addition to its Nars line, NARS also sells an impressive line of clothing, accessories and eyewear.

Its Illuminator line includes its signature Nars night vision glasses, which can be used to view your night’s events.

This year, Nams Illuminators have been a hit, with sales reaching more than 9 million units, according to Nars’ own website.

It has also been able to bring in a great amount of revenue in the form of licensing deals with other brands and media companies.

The Nars Illuminati, for example, have licensed a line of Nars sunglasses and accessories.

“It’s not just Nars that has been a successful brand over the last decade,” said Nars cofounder and CEO David Ritzman.

“There’s also been a huge leap forward in terms of product innovation and product innovation has really been phenomenal for us.”

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