The most beautiful of DC’s ‘illuminating’ monuments is back on display

The National Mall, one of the largest public spaces in the country, will be illuminated with a dazzling array of colourful lights in honour of the holiday of Illumination.

The installation will be unveiled today by DC Public Works, which has been planning the lighting since last year and it will be the first time the iconic national park has been illuminated with LED lights in over 70 years.

“This is a celebration of all the people who make our city what it is,” the park’s commissioner, Barbara Clements, said in a statement.

“I’m thrilled to bring this iconic feature back to life in a way that will help people feel more connected and feel at home.”

It’s a ceremony the park has held annually for the past 15 years and, as well as the traditional lighting of the Mall itself, a ceremony will also take place in the grounds at the Washington Monument.

The lights will illuminate the entire National Mall with the iconic DC Arch in the background.

“The Mall will be lit up to reflect the lights from across the DC arch,” a DC Public Service announcement said.

“We’re really excited to be able to celebrate the diversity of the city of DC by bringing the DC skyline to life.”DC Public Works also revealed a special collection of Christmas lights that will be placed around the National Mall.

“In a city where people love to take pictures of the Christmas lights in the National Park, DC Public Services has decided to create a special lighting show that will showcase the many festive displays across the entire Mall,” the statement read.

The lighting ceremony will take place from 10am-2pm (local time) and will be available for viewing from the US Capitol, the White House, the Capitol Rotunda, the Ellipse, and the White Houses Rose Garden.

The park is known for its outdoor celebrations and, like other national parks, it has been the site of several holiday lighting events in recent years, including this year’s Holiday Lightshow, which took place on November 2.

This year’s event will also feature the lighting of a special Christmas tree in the park.

“It’s been a tradition for the park to do a Christmas Tree Light Show,” DC Public Safety spokesman Michael Dominguez said.

“It was really cool to see it here, and we hope that everyone who comes to DC for Christmas this year will be able see the special lighting.”

“It’ll be a celebration for us, the city, and our residents,” Domingue said.

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