How the ‘illumina’ light switch makes your life better

It’s a simple device that has been a big part of the Illumina line of lights for a few years.

And now, it’s the brainchild of a developer at a company that’s been looking to take on the dark-matter problem.

The Illumina SmartSwitch, as it’s known, is a device that allows you to control a dimmable light switch by swiping your finger across the screen.

There are three types of lights that you can control: bright, dim and soft.

The dimmable dim lights work by using the brightness and frequency of the light to control the dimming.

That’s great for dim lighting, where you’re more likely to be in a dark room, but it can also be a pain in the butt when you’re on the go.

The dimmable soft lights are a much safer option, and they’ll dim to the same level as a dimmer.

When you’re using the Illuminas SmartSwitch as a light switch, it works like a light on a dim bulb, with the dim switch on the back.

But when you tap on the switch, you can adjust the intensity of the dimmer to adjust the light output.

It’s basically like having an infrared dimmer on the side of your house.

It has four different levels of dimming: dim, soft, dim, and soft, with three levels of brightness.

You can also tap on a button on the front to turn on the dimmers on the sides of the device, as well as the dimmable lights on the bottom.

The device has a small LCD screen on the top of the unit, where the brightness controls are located.

It also has a battery compartment on the left side of the screen, which holds the LEDs and a microUSB charging port.

It comes with two different versions of the smart switch, with two for $99 and three for $179.

If you want to upgrade to the two most expensive models, you’ll have to pay a bit more.

The SmartSwitch is designed to run on a battery.

If it doesn’t, it won’t work at all.

The device can be charged via the USB port on the outside of the switch.

But once you’re connected, the device will automatically turn off.

The only way to turn it back on is to open the device up, press the power button, and then turn it off.

That works like any other smart switch.

The Illumina device is the first to support Android.

It can connect to a PC using a microSD card and a PC can then download and install the app that controls the dim and hard lights.

The two versions of this light switch are the “soft” and the “bright” versions.

The SoftSwitch is made of stainless steel and features a silver LED.

It features a slightly higher output of power than the hardswitch, and it also comes with a more powerful battery.

The BrightSwitch is a chrome-plated aluminum and features the same LED as the SoftSwitch, but comes with an OLED screen.

It uses a higher output, but is lighter and smaller than the Softswitch.

The price for both versions of smart switches is $99.

You’ll also need to add a dimming sensor on the soft switch.

The company says the device has been tested and is safe to use.

It will be released in the second half of the year.

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