How to celebrate Thanksgiving with the Fox News Holiday Countdown video

Now Playing: ‘This Week’ with Megyn Kelly and Bob Costas on Thanksgiving Day Now Playing ‘This Month’ with Bob Costos and Megyn Jackson Now Playing “The Biggest Loser” with Pete Davidson Now Playing The Biggest Locker Room Fight Ever With Adam Carolla Now Playing Bob Costis and Meagan Good on ‘The Big Show’ Now Playing Chris Hardwick on “The Tonight Show” with Jimmy Fallon Now Playing How the ‘Biggest Losers’ came to be: What made them tick Now Playing Who are the Kardashians and why they are the biggest newsmakers in 2017 Now Playing Why the Kardashian’s new Instagram account is making waves Now Playing Fox News’ “The Fox News Countdown” will return this week, but this time, the countdown won’t be about football.

It’s about Thanksgiving.

Watch the Fox Sports Holiday Countdown on your TV and tablet.

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