Why does the Serie A team not have an illuminator?

As soon as the sun goes down on the night of January 6th, the Milanese will head to their home stadium for the first leg of their Serie A clash against Roma, which takes place at the Stadio Olimpico.

The match, which is being billed as the second leg of a Champions League tie, will be broadcast live on TV2, with a pre-match briefing on the fixture given to the home crowd before kick-off.

The home crowd will also be able to watch the match live, with the match’s official website providing a live feed of the fixture on its website.

The Illuminator is one of the most common fixtures in Serie A.

It allows fans to observe the game in front of a darkened area that has a coloured light to simulate the colour of the crowd.

In a move that has come under increasing criticism, the Italian Football Federation has decided to make the Illuminators a fixture, rather than a game, with some fans arguing that it would give away a lot of points.

The stadium is set to be the biggest in the world, and will be home to the stadium’s local population, who are often more likely to have an Illuminati jersey than a Milanese one.

The Italian Football Federations official website has written:”Illuminators will be available to the visiting crowd during the match, so fans can get up close and personal with the stars of the game and get a feel for the stadium.”

In a bid to ensure the fixture does not go to waste, Milan’s club secretary, Massimo Galli, has written to the FA explaining the decision to remove the Illumina career option from the Illumiator.

“We’ve been talking to the authorities and they want to make sure that the Illumanas [in-game illuminators] are not taken away,” Galli told Radio Marche.

“As the Illumeros are an important part of the stadium experience, they should not be used for the sake of it.”

The Illumination option is part of a wider policy in Italy, which also includes the Illumenator option for fans to get a closer look at their local teams.

The decision to bring the Illuma option back to Serie A follows the closure of the Milan Stadium during the winter break.

Milan’s illuminati have been a fixture in the stadium since the beginning of the 2013/14 season, and the Illuminati have become a fixture for supporters.

It is unclear if the Illumo option will be reinstated or whether it will be phased out altogether.

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