Which cities are getting the most LED lights?

A survey released by the World Bank found that cities in Asia and Africa have the most LEDs, while the U.S. lags behind.

The survey, released Wednesday, found that LED lighting in the U, Asia and the Middle East is on par with that of the U: “There are only a handful of cities in the world where LEDs are replacing traditional incandescent lighting.

It is projected that by 2020, LED bulbs will replace approximately 70 percent of the light used in urban centers in the United States.”

In the U., LED bulbs are being used to light up sidewalks, parkways, public buildings, bus shelters, schools and other public spaces, and for street lighting in many places, including malls, churches and public transportation.

LED lighting is also being used in homes, retail and offices, according to the survey.

It also is used to replace old fluorescent bulbs in homes.

The report found that in 2014, LED lights made up more than one-quarter of the global lighting output.

There were 5,000,000 LED lights installed in 2015, up from 3,400,000 in 2014.

In 2015, LED light bulbs were installed in nearly 70 percent the U’s population centers, the survey said.

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