When it comes to creating light, you need an illuminator

Illumination is a growing industry, but the industry has been limited to one manufacturer.

And as a new startup in the field is hoping to change that, it’s turning to glass, which it says can light up the way we perceive things.

Illumina Glassdoor, which has raised $100 million in funding, is developing a series of glasses that use an infrared camera to illuminate light from a source.

In the video above, a customer walks into a store to buy a pair of glasses, and the glass shows an image of the customer in front of the glass door.

A special LED light inside the glasses illuminates the customer’s face.

Illumina has developed a product that’s capable of illuminating an entire room, but it’s the first of its kind to incorporate a camera and LEDs in the design.

The company also has a prototype for a prototype that has a wider viewing angle, but that’s still at an early stage.

IllumiArt is also working with a team of engineers to make a prototype, and it has plans to expand that vision into a more refined product.

IllumiArt, which is based in San Francisco, has raised more than $100M, including a $100,000 investment from Alibaba and a $20M investment from Sequoia Capital.

Its primary focus is on augmented reality, but its product is also able to take advantage of the power of the infrared camera.

Its IllumiLens is the company’s first product to use infrared technology, and according to its website, it can illuminate objects in a way that is nearly indistinguishable from real light.

It can illuminate the entire room using an infrared laser.

The company said it is currently developing prototypes that use infrared cameras and LEDs.

The technology is very different than what’s currently available, however, and Illumi is working on a camera system that will be able to focus on objects to illuminate them in a more natural way.

The prototype Illumi Glassdoor showed us is the one in the video, but they’re working on an updated model that’s more powerful and capable.

It will also be able focus on smaller objects, like the customer, and will be much easier to use.

Illuis glassdoor video of a customer wearing an Illumi Lens product.

The image above is a full 360° view of a window.

Illums camera is capable of focusing on an object to illuminate it, which means that customers can’t just glance at an object without seeing it in a different light.

Illuminators will also work on larger objects, such as windows, and are much more efficient at illuminating the whole room.

It also means that you can light the entire store up with an Illuminator, even if the customer doesn’t use one.

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