The New York City Illumination Show: the city’s coolest things to see and do

On July 3, 2018, The New Orleans Times-Picayune ran a story about the citys first annual New York Illumination show.

The story is about the New Orleans City Illuminating Society (NOCIS), a nonprofit organization that provides a safe, fun, and affordable space for people to experience and connect with one another in a space that is diverse, inclusive, and accessible.

As you may have noticed, this story is an excerpt from the next issue of The New American.

The NYS ISA is an acronym for New Orleans Public Art.

The NOCIS website describes the NYSIS as an inclusive organization whose mission is to: “To build and nurture the art of art and to make the art world a better place for all.”

The NYIS ISA was founded in 2012 as a result of the passage of a landmark law in New Orleans that changed the city from a predominately white, male-dominated city to one where people of color are represented in the arts and in the community.

The new law empowered the City of New Orleans to create a more inclusive arts community and to establish an arts education and outreach program that includes more than a dozen local arts agencies and community centers, including the NYISIS, to help promote the arts.

The law was also designed to give the NOCISE a mandate to ensure that all people of all races and ethnicities have access to the same opportunities for education and engagement in the art, culture, and arts.

Today, the NY ISA offers programs that include: Creative Workshops, Art Walk Tours, and a monthly art and performance series for the whole family. 

The NY ISAS also provides free public art projects throughout the city that are designed to be interactive and inclusive.

In 2019, the organization also launched a series of annual free art classes.

In addition to free art workshops, the New York ISA also hosts a monthly free-expression, art and music festival, which brings together hundreds of artists and artists from around the city.

This festival is called the NYES Artfest.

The 2018 Artfest is the fifth annual event. 

 The NYIS artfest, which began in June 2018, features a festival of over 30 art and culture, cultural events, and concerts.

The festival also features a series called the Art Show, which features artists from across the city performing in performances that are inspired by New Orleans art history and traditions.

The Art Show has been one of the most popular arts and culture events in the city, with over 150 artists taking part.

The 2017 Art Show was attended by more than 2,000 artists and a diverse range of artistic disciplines, including musicians, musicians, artists, writers, filmmakers, artists of all ethnicities, dancers, dancers of all genders, and people of diverse backgrounds.

In the 2017 Art Fest, the artists included the NOLA Rhythm, a group of musicians from across Louisiana performing a jazz fusion set that featured hip hop, hip hop/soul, funk, funk and jazz.

In 2017, the event was also attended by members of the Black Lives Matter Collective, which was comprised of artists from all over the state. 

This is an image from the Artshow.

The NY ISAs art festival has grown to include events throughout the year, with the 2018 festival marking the fifth year in a row that the festival has hosted multiple events.

The annual NYIS Artfest also brings together artists from a wide range of genres including classical music, contemporary music, avant-garde music, jazz, hip-hop, and electronic dance music. 

The 2017 NYISArtfest was attended in part by members from the Black, Brown, and Native American communities. 

It was also the first year that the NYNY was a part of the NY Arts Festival, which honors artists and artisans from all walks of life, and was also one of only a handful of cities to host a music festival.

The music festival also includes artists from the local jazz and contemporary music communities, artists from ethnic communities, and art groups from diverse backgrounds including artists from African-American, Caribbean, Caribbean-American and Asian-American communities.

The 2017 Artfest was also held in part in part at the NYIthmus Museum, an arts center in New York’s Financial District that has become a major hub for art and cultural events. 

In 2018, the Artfest featured a number of events including: a jazz concert, a performance of a short film, and an art gallery exhibit. 

Each year, the artfest is hosted in conjunction with the NYPPL Jazz Festival, a celebration of the city and the city-state’s rich musical and visual heritage.

In 2018, art lovers from across New Orleans were invited to attend the festival in celebration of Jazz Fest, an annual celebration of music, culture and dance.

The New Jazz Fest was held in conjunction of the New New Orleans Jazz Festival and the New

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