When the Lord is in you, pray with the Lord

As the Lord lives, you will pray with Him.

But when the Lord dies, you must pray with yourself.

When the Savior dies, pray for your life.

This is a passage that we all know is about prayer.

It’s about being with the Savior.

So when the Savior is in us, you can pray with him.

But if the Savior’s life is taken, we have to pray with ourselves, and we have the power to do that.

The Lord will be with us in heaven.

So that’s how we pray, and that’s what we do when the Messiah is in our lives.

And the power of prayer is that we’re able to get through the challenges that we have, and the trials that we’ve gone through, and so that we can be the kind of people that God would want us to be.

When Jesus died on the cross, that’s when we had our own resurrection.

We had our resurrection and our personal resurrection.

Now the question becomes, how do we get back to that?

Because when the body dies, when the Spirit leaves the body, when our spirits are returned to us, we’re then able to pray.

When Christ came back, the first thing that he did was pray for his disciples.

But after that, he did not pray for them.

And he did, and then, because he was with them, he prayed with them.

Then he prayed for the Jews and the Gentiles, for the elders and the children, for those who are hungry and those who thirst.

He prayed with those who were dying, and he prayed also for those in prison.

And it was all done on the third day of the week, which is the Sabbath, and it’s just a miracle, that we got out of that place alive.

It wasn’t because of the resurrection of the dead, it was because of that day.

And that was what Christ did with his body.

That’s what he did with it.

So we can pray on that same day.

We can pray in that same place, when Christ is in the tomb, when we’re with him, and when he dies.

That is what prayer is about.

So if we want to pray when we want, when Jesus is in heaven, we can.

And we can do that in any of the places that he’s going to be in.

And if we’re praying for our life, when that day comes, when he’s dead, then we can, too.

And when he comes back, we’ll pray.

And then when he goes back to earth, we will pray for our lives again.

But as the Savior lives, when you pray, you pray with Jesus, and you pray for the living, when they’re in the grave, you know, that is when the power is in your hands, and there’s no room for doubt.

And so the Lord, when He returns, He’ll ask you to pray for him, to do his will, to help you, to come back and help you in whatever way He needs you to.

And what is it you’ll pray for?

If you pray in your own life, what will you do with the power?

I don’t know.

But what we can say is that there’s nothing wrong with prayer.

The question is, do you pray every day?

And that’s the same question we ask when we ask our children to pray every night.

If we pray every single day, it will not be that difficult to find the right time for prayer.

When you pray on the Sabbath when you’re with Jesus on the other side of the world, it’s not like you’re going to go to bed and then go to sleep.

But it’s going a little bit different.

You’re going, OK, now I’m going to get up, get dressed, go to church, and go back to bed.

And you’re praying with Jesus at the same time, so you’re doing it with him as well.

And once we’re back together again, we pray with each other, and if we pray well, then the Savior will pray well with us.

That means that we will be able to do what He wants us to do.

And all we have is our own faith.

And faith in Jesus, as it comes in and out of our hearts, is the power that we need to be able pray well.

But there’s a whole other question that I want to bring up that is something that is not very often talked about in this country.

And this is something called, The Holy Spirit, or, The New Testament.

And The Holy God, The Son, is really, really, the Father.

So he’s the Son of God, and He’s the Father of all things.

So, what does He want us, what do He want to do with us?

And we pray because we want Him to help us, because we’re not able to think of anything else. So

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