How to stop ‘fake news’ in your Facebook news feed

How to find, block and remove fake news in your news feed.

Facebook’s trending news section features a section that lets you search through news items that are trending across the site.

This section is a great way to quickly find stories that are popular with your audience, but it’s also a place to filter out content that is not trending.

To help you find trending content on Facebook, the company has recently introduced the new Trending Topics feature.

This feature allows you to search for topics by keyword and then choose the topic you want to find trending.

The results will appear in the top of the page.

While this feature has only been available in the Trending topic section for a short time, the feature has already been used to help people find stories related to gun control and health care reform.

To use the feature, you can search for any of the topics listed in the following table: If you want the entire list, you’ll need to use the search bar at the bottom of the screen, which will then return a list of all the trending topics that have been featured in the trending news area.

For example, if you search for “Gun control,” you’ll see that topics that include the words “gun control” will be highlighted in the search results.

However, you should not be looking for specific topics like “Gun laws” or “health care reform.”

This feature is intended to allow you to filter your news feeds based on topics you want, not specific topics.

Trending topics are automatically displayed in the news feed based on a user’s current search.

This means that the topics will not be visible to users with no search history or limited experience with the Facebook News Feed.

However the features are still useful and can help you quickly find trending stories that interest you.

For instance, when you search “Gun Control,” you can see that the first topic to appear is the words, “Gun controls,” which is a popular topic across the social network.

As you scroll down, you will see other popular topics like, “Health care reform,” “Gun safety,” “Feds not doing enough” and “Criminal justice.”

You can click on any of these topics to see a more detailed search results for them.

You can also use the same search to see which topics have recently been trending.

This is useful when you want a list with a particular topic in mind but don’t want to go through the whole search process.

To find the topics you’re looking for, use the “Browse trending topics” feature in the News Feed settings.

When you click on a topic, you’re taken to a list view.

You have to scroll down to the bottom to see the top trending topics, and you can click “Filter” to see all the relevant trending topics.

This includes the trending topic that is currently highlighted in your News Feed, as well as the topics that you’ve recently searched for.

To see the topics with the most recent results, click on the “More” button next to each topic, and then click on “Trending Topics.”

You’ll see a list that shows you the topics being discussed in your community.

You also have the option to filter the list by subject, which is an important consideration when it comes to finding stories that may be trending.

Trendy topics will be listed first in the “News Feed” category, which means that you’ll get the first trending topics from the top.

However there is also a section of topics in the main News Feed that shows other trending topics as well.

This category is a bit more advanced, but can help in some cases when you don’t know exactly what you’re interested in.

To filter the trending Topics section, you have to use an “advanced filter” on the left side of the News Bar.

The Advanced filter will only show the topics from this category that are in the current trending news items.

The advanced filter will also show the topic in the previous trending news item.

To change the topic of a trending topic, click the “Change Topic” button at the top right of the Advanced Filter view.

This will display a list box that allows you choose the topics to be shown, as shown in the image below.

Once you’ve chosen topics, you want them to appear in your new News Feed article.

This article will show up in your feed based upon the selected topic.

You’ll need your Facebook account to see this article.

You don’t need to click the link to see your article, but clicking the “Read More” button will display an article title and then show a “Save” button to close the article.

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