How to make a crossword puzzle using plastic surgery

Digiplex, the company that created the crossword puzzles that are so popular in Canada, has developed a new product to help people with the plastic surgery condition known as digi-bowel obstruction.

Digi-Bowel Obstruction is a condition that affects one in six Canadians, but the new device is designed to help solve the problem of the cryptic words on the crosswords.

In a press release, Digi said its new device can be used to clear the blockage and remove the foreign objects that are causing the condition.

The device is said to be capable of removing more than 3,000 foreign objects in a day, with a 3-day turnaround time.

The company’s press release notes that the device will not only clear the foreign object but also “help restore the clarity and structure of your crosswords, so you can concentrate on the meaning.”

The device can also help clear up a few loose ends in your crossword, which will then allow you to start working on the next question.

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