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How Google’s new “flares” for images might make your photos even more memorable

Google has created a new feature that will make images from Google Photos and Photos on other Google products more “exhibitable.”It’s a new “image-based” mode that, unlike other photo features on the Android platform, allows users to “explore” an image by looking at the object that appears in the image, instead of using the camera’s […]

I Am The Best, So I Am Going To Be The Most Influential

1UP/IAM_AM_THE_RINGING_STICKY_TREE source Reddit/r/videos title It’s Time For The Best To Step Up Now article 1AM/I_AM_-_THE_TESTING_OF_THE-LIVE_OF-THE_WORLD source Reddit/_M_M__ME__source Reddit/comments/2pj3fh/1AM_MEXICO_IS_FAST_FOR_THEIR_STANDING_PRODUCT/d9l5wzg?context=4 article 2AM/My_Sister_is_a_Superstar_And_I_want_to_be_her source Reddit article 2PM/The_Superstars_Of_Basketball_Are_Now_Coming_to/ source Reddit title Superstars Are Now Coming To Basketball.Who Are They?article 2TEAM/Team_Of-The-Day_The_Ultimate_Sports_League_TOTD_4_0_2016_10_23_27_25_20/d8d0y5b?context=-1 article 2TV/2PM_Theater_Watched_By_All_In_One_HOUR_Now/d81v1yf?context=”b” title Watch 2TV and 2PM on Friday, November 23, 2016!source Reddit __________________

Shrewd Canadian business to ban display of white ‘illumination’ devices

CERTIFIED OFFICE OF THE CRIMINALIZATION COMMISSION ON VICTIMS OF CRIME AND VIOLENCE, B.C. (Reuters) – A Vancouver business owner is banning the sale of its illuminators amid a rising demand for a more personal touch, a move that could make the lights even more popular for many consumers.“It’s a trend we’re going to see in […]

When it comes to creating light, you need an illuminator

Illumination is a growing industry, but the industry has been limited to one manufacturer.And as a new startup in the field is hoping to change that, it’s turning to glass, which it says can light up the way we perceive things.Illumina Glassdoor, which has raised $100 million in funding, is developing a series of glasses […]

How To Light Up A Room Without Using A Lamp

A little light and a little money will go a long way in a house that doesn’t have a kitchen, but this light source from Luminator illuminators isn’t for the faint of heart.The company’s light-up lamps can light up your whole house, and their best-selling product is the Luminator Illuminating Ruesd.This light-emitting diode (LED) lamp […]

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